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King Knife Sharpener Stone

The japanese king whetstone sushi knife sharpener sharpening stone is the perfect tool for the most successful sharpening of your japanese king whetstone sushi knife. The sharpening stone is 1000 grit k-45 and will sharpen your knife within a few minutes of use.

1 PC. Mini Whetstone King Combination Knife Sharpener 250/10

1 PC. Mini Whetstone King

By King

USD $11.17

King Two Sided Sharpening Stone with Base 1000 And 6000 Comb

Top 10 King Knife Sharpener Stone Sale

The king combination whetstone knifesharpening stone is a great way to keep your knife sharpening skills up to par! It has a grit k-80 format sharpening stone that has aortunate amount of sharpening grit inside a small, easily accessible bowl. The stone is also milled from hard anodized metal and is designed to minimizes wear and tear over time.
the king stone knife sharpener is a small, but powerful tool for keeping your knife in perfect edge focus. It sharpens your k-40blade by arm andarm. You can use it to off-load perfect edge from your knife sharpening job or to help you with other knife tasks. It also helps you get 5-star ratings from others by making sure your knife is in perfect condition and with perfect edge focus.
this is a great set for those that want to sharpen their king stone knife. The sharpener has different honing hones that can be used to sharpen the various stones. The deluxe sharpener is made of durable materials and it will keep your knife looking good.